“Aldeia Siesta” a unique villa-apartment project comprises 2 independent buildings of Gr + 2 Floors, each in its own gated compound with separate private swimming pool, security and utilities. It maintains uniqueness and exclusivity for its residents. No more box like apartments in box-like buildings.

This ensures that there is never any overcrowding and the desired levels of privacy and exclusivity are always maintained. “Aldeia Siesta” is based on an open design concept that brings the outdoors into apartment irrespective of whether you are on any floor, the aesthetic and innovative design incorporating "Podium" at each level, allows every Villa-Apt. to open directly onto a podium.

The “Villa-Apt.” allows you to step out of your holiday apartment right into a beautiful open sky above your head and fresh breeze on your face.... a pleasure, usually only villa enjoy. To further add to the ambience and grandeur, the building has sweeping external staircases that further enhance the feeling of space and openness making the outdoors very much a part of your holiday home at “Aldeia Siesta”.

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